After more than 25 years’ of working with other organisations helping the homeless and destitute, Rob & Nikki Cheslin (the founders of the ‘Edge’) realised that the biggest need was in their own community. With very little assistance available, they set out to actively do something to meet this need. They began running a street van which helped people by patrolling the streets at night and providing food, water and support where needed. It was through this street van that On The Edge was founded.

On The Edge is a not-for-profit registered charity and since 2002, has helped thousands of people. It has evolved significantly to respond to the growing needs of the Beenleigh community. Up until 2015, with a team of more than 30 volunteers, On The Edge offered several programs including school breakfasts, free counselling, support groups, anger and relationship courses, youth and senior support, mentoring programs for young people, emergency food assistance, Friday night street van, and supervised drug and alcohol free activities. All programs are run free of charge and are generally run throughout the day, with some run before and after working hours, as this is when people are in need the most.

Unfortunately some of its crucial charity services had to be scaled back due to funding difficulties. These include the street van outreach and the School Edge programe which targeted children at risk by providing a regular free breakfast at various school’s in the local area.

On the Edge captures those who have fallen through the cracks of existing services in the Beenleigh Logan area. We believe in the most basic principle of the Australian people; that of giving everyone a "fair go” and the generosity of giving someone a helping hand in their time of need.


Each person has an individual journey through their challenges and deserves a “fair go.”

We provide a space for each person in their journey.


Our STRENGTH is in our flexibility and eagerness to quickly or immediately respond to the communities’ needs that present to us on a daily basis.


On The Edge is all about supporting change and transformation through a safe and empowering environment. All of it’s activities are delivered with these values in mind.

On The Edge has always been, almost wholly, privately funded to do its charitable deeds. With the economic downturn affecting its principle donor, On the Edge felt threatened to close its doors to the need in the area. With this being the unthinkable, the founders dug deep into the Aussie spirit and the inbred fight that built this great country of ours; that of never giving up and rolling up our sleeves and getting on with the job!


A social enterprise, Café Edge, was thus opened to help fund its activities and support the charity’s survival. 


On The Edge strives to be self-supporting but the needs in the community always outstrips our resources. We hope this year we are able to secure funding that will restore the key activities that were dropped and also strengthen our existing programes.

The biggest need this year for On The Edge is to secure a property for the establishment of Josh’s House. This is a safe house and a transitional accommodation while the homeless are being supported to move into more permanent accommodation. Josh’s House will provide a space to address the underlying issues that resulted in their homelessness and assist them through the process of acquiring more stable accommodation.